Our Context


There is a significant need in the DMV area for men to come into a greater revelation of their identity as sons. The plague of fatherless unfortunately runs rampant and has resulted to many negative attributes and outcomes within our culture. We are confident that God is in the business of getting His sons back. It is His intent for the males of our region to be spiritually fathered by Him. In the same token, God desires to establish relationships that would enable males to be fathered by godly men. The mission for this conference is to enable those powerful relationships to happen.


Our Ambition

The heart of this conference is to see revival and reformation breakout in the male population within the DMV area. Our prayer is that men would come into a greater sense of sonship, by experiencing the Father authentically. We desire to see men regardless of church affiliation to be carriers of the presence of God, so much so that it changes society incrementally as well as drastically.






-provide a space where men can encounter God

-provide a holistic

understanding of Kingdom Masculinity

-see men sensitive and in tune with the Spirit of God

-see men passion about the Kingdom